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 Primary Championships - Results - 2016

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and a link to the full Draws and results!!

Secondary Championships - Results - 2016

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SSBU Secondary Championships - Check-In Times - 2015

Saturday 7 March 15
        Junior Boys Singles                     9.15am
        Intermediate Boys Singles           10.45am
        Senior Boys Singles                    11.30am
        Junior Boys Doubles                   3.00pm
        Intermediate Boys Doubles         3.45pm
        Senior Boys Doubles                  4.45pm

Sunday 8 March 15
        Junior Mixed Doubles                 9.15am
        Intermediate Mixed Doubles       9.45am
        Senior Mixed Doubles                10.30am
        Junior Girls Singles                     11.00am
        Intermediate Girls Singles           12.00pm
        Senior Girls Singles                    12.30am
        Junior Girls Doubles                   1.30pm
        Intermediate Girls Doubles         2.15pm
        Senior Girls Doubles                  3.00pm

All the players for an event are being asked to check in at the
same time, irrespective of where they are in draw.

Please emphasise to the players and their parents that the times
they have been given are Check in times and there will be a wait
before they are called to play - perhaps even a long wait.
The length of this wait will depend on a variety of factors such as:
        * the tournament running to time
        * their place in the draw

Please ask them to be patient, the Tournament Officials will be
working very hard to keep the tournament running smoothly.

Error Correction. The Postcode for On-X is PA3 3RA not 3AR as
was in original information. Also Google Maps still shows the now
demolished Linwood Sports Centre for PA3 3RA. On-X is 200m
further along that road.

SSBU Tombola
Our firmly established Tombola will again be held at the
Please ask your players & their families to donate prizes for our
If evey player brought a prize (wine, chocolates, toiletries,
unwanted (new!) Christmas or Birthday presents) we will have a
very successful, memorable event!!
All proceeds go directly to SSBU.
Thank you.

See you at On-X.

LASBA Qualifiers for Secondary National Championships 2015

Reserve entries in red.

Under 14 Boys Singles

1)      Danny Robson                                                                                 Lanark

2)      Calum Strang                                                                                   Lanark

3)      Lewis Hart                                                                                      Dalziel

Under 14 Girls Singles

1)      Carla Williams                                                                                 Calderglen

2)      Morgan Lindsay                                                                               Dalziel

3)      Rachel Wedlock                                                                               Dalziel

Under 14 Boys Doubles

1)      Danny Robson & Calum Strang                                                        Lanark

Under 14 Girls Doubles

1)      Fiona McLean & Carla Williams                                                      Calderglen

2)      Morgan Lindsay & Rachel Wedlock                                                 Dalziel

Under 14 Mixed Doubles

1)      Lewis Hart & Morgan Lindsay                                                        Dalziel

Under 16 Boys Singles

1)      Alex Scott                                                                                      Dalziel

2)      Adam Park                                                                                     Dalziel

3)      Ben Strang                                                                                     Lanark

4)      Owen Robson                                                                                 Lanark

Under 16 Girls Singles

1)      Eileen Gordon                                                                                 St. Andrew’s & St. Bride’s

2)      Abby McCallum                                                                              Carluke

3)      Lauren Flynn                                                                                   Cardinal Newman

4)      Sarah Kennedy                                                                                Lanark

Under 16 Boys Doubles

1)      Owen Robson & Ben Strang                                                           Lanark

2)      Adam Park & Alex Scott                                                                Dalziel

Under 16 Girls Doubles

1)      Eileen Gordon & Kirsty Lappin                                                       St. Andrew’s & St. Bride’s

2)      Ruth Cunningham & Abby McCallum                                             Carluke

 Under 16 Mixed Doubles

1)      Ben Strang & Sarah Kennedy                                                        Lanark

2)      Ross Dick & Olivia Jackson                                                           Dalziel

3)      Owen Robson & Lauren Kennedy                                                  Lanark

Under 19 Boys Singles

1)      Jordan Philip                                                                                 Carluke

2)      Alistair Orr                                                                                   Carluke

Under 19 Girls Singles

1)      Rebecca Dobbin                                                                           Carluke

2)      Olivia Quinn                                                                                 Dalziel

Under 19 Boys Doubles

1)      Alistair Orr & Jordan Philip                                                           Carluke

2)      Aedan O’Donnell & Fraser Walker                                               Greenfaulds

Under 19 Girls Doubles

1)      Abigail Quinn & Olivia Quinn                                                       Dalziel

2)      Eilidh Miller & Sophie Miller                                                         Lanark

Under 19 Mixed Doubles

1)      Alistair Orr & Rebecca Dobbin                                                    Carluke

Secondary Championships - Results - 2015

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and a link to the full Draws and results!!

Secondary Championships - Results - 2014

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and a link to the full Draws and results!!

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